Racer Profiles

Eric Shimp, 1st Place Overall 2010 (updated for 2015)

Dave Fetter, Rookie 2015

Eric Lapham, 2nd Place Overall, 2010 (updated for 2012)

Steve Ball, 2nd Place Overall 2008 (updated for 2015)

Steve Otto, 1st Place Overall in 2012 (updated for 2013)

Tom McParland, 3rd Place Overall 2010

Eric Gundrum, 3rd Place Overall 2009

Danno, 1st Place Overall 2011, 3rd Place Overall 2008 (updated for 2013)

Mark Olson, 1st Place Overall 2009

JP Ratajczak, 1st Place Overall 2008 (updated for 2013)

Eric Marshall (updated for 2012)

Gary Cavanaugh (updated for 2015)

Mike Graf (updated for 2015)

Chris Doyle (updated for 2012)

Chris Roy

Chris Heffernan (updated for 2012)

Chris Sousa

Big Daddy

Ben Moeling (updated for 2012)

Steve Schukraft (updated for 2012)

The Race Director (updated for 2012)


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