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ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #8

the mountain biking winners, and kind of an inspiration for next year at rock climbing

ELLT biking winner


ELLT 2017 Mountain Biking

While its still fresh in my mind, trying to describe, summarize, recount what happened during this year’s ELLT, one of my favorite of all time and a great way to wrap a decade of this silliness.

ELLT 2017 all the bikes ready to race

We returned to Stratham Hill after a 2016 detour to Rowley-Georgetown and the 90+ minute group ride included 20 of us, which is an absurd number of riders trying to go through the woods together (youtube link here) In 2018, I think we will split into two groups, the faster riders with Danno and the crawlers with me (same duration, different distance).

ELLT 2017 Leo on the bike

William Doyle distinguished himself with a few lovely crashes and Mitchell Roy proved cycling isn’t a hereditary sport. Gary shouted “Aqualung” and no one broke a bike in two. Despite losing William to a twisted ankle, overall the group ride was better than usual – long and tough in places, but an excellent morning on the trails.

ELLT 2017 Gary on the bike

For the time trial, Eric L convinced me to send Danno first, to set the mark for everyone else. Having previously consulted with two riders who could challenge Danno, but were not racing this year, we determined Danno wouldn’t face a 2 minute handicap. When he finished in 14 minutes and 26 seconds, I think the rest of the field realized he’d set a brutal course.

ELLT 2017 Eric walks the bike

Final Top Ten Results:

  1. Danno, 14:26
  2. Chris Roy, 15:11
  3. Leo, 15:42
  4. Eric Lapham, 16:07
  5. Tom Lovell, 17:13
  6. JP, 17:20
  7. Drew Lapham, 17:48
  8. Gus, 19:19
  9. Chris Doyle, 19:50
  10. Jason Madden, 20:06

(impressive ride by Chris Doyle…amazing how much quicker it is when you don’t follow Steve Ball’s Wandering Route in the Woods)

ELLT 2017 Chris Doyle on the bike

ELLT 2017 Post bikje race

ELLT 2017 Pic of the day (#2)

continuing in reverse order of stages, proof that Gus rides a mountain bike the way he skis

ELLT 2017 Gus on the bike

ELLT 2016 Pic of the Day


maybe a shortened group ride and lots of standing around contributed to less soreness this year




2016: first Pic of the Day

just needing some inspiration on a Friday morning

All the bikes

ELLT 2015 – Another Pic of the Day

yes, its that day when the bikes go north to get tuned for the race

ELLT 2015 bike tune up

ELLT 2015 Pic of the Day – what we’re not doing


I rode Exeter with Danno today. We will not be riding Exeter for the triahtlon. If I had kept a running diary, it would have been something like this:

 — great downhill start, will make everyone feel like BMX riders

— ok, that climb lasted forever, but there will be a pay-off. And this will immediately separate the guys who trained from the rest

— so what are the pros and cons to riding here — compared to Willowdale, guys will feel like they accomplished something after they finish

[[first of countless bridges over swamps, streams, and next to a cliff]]

— guys will gain more confidence riding bridges, riding all this technical stuff

[[fifth or sixth time off the bike, pushing up an impossible granite-plus-roots hill or even down an impossible similar hill]]

— this ride will break people. This ride will completely ruin some guys for basketball

— no more deja vu, we’ve been to Willowdale or Stratham before – this is so much harder

— I have been in granny-gear this entire time

[[stop with Danno and he laughs, says we’re not quite halfway done]]

— this will absolutely cook people. They’re going to be cursing Danno and cursing me. Some guys might skip the time trial after this

— the only smooth sections of trail are the bridges and some are easily 40 yards long

[[after one of the best sections of trail I have ever been on]]

— so worth it. Even the brutal climb to get to that. So worth it

[[after nearly falling off a steep drop/cliff and being forced to walk even level stretches that were simply impossible to ride]]

— someone is going to get hurt. Hopefully not badly. But this is crazy hard riding. And I’ve been off the bike more times than I can count now

[[over the handle bars, bike lands on top of me…on a non-descript, but steep, downhill stretch. No damage, other than a bruised ego and a cut leg]]

— that sucked, and I wasn’t going fast, wasn’t on the hard stuff….holy crap this may be too tough

[[crossing a potentially alligator-infested swamp on a bridge straight out of Indiana Jones]]

— guys are going to hate this. Its going to stop being a good challenging ride and start becoming just crap

And in the parking lot after, Danno and I agreed – too technical, too much granite, far too high a risk of serious injury. We’ve been lucky to have had so few problems on the bikes, maybe in part because we’ve been smart. Danno and I will scout out some potential new time trial courses at Stratham and a new area not far from Willowdale. And we’ll make the group ride long and difficult, without being crazy-technical and crazy-risky.