Handicapping the 2012 Field: Steve Schukraft

Steve Schukraft

2011 Third Place Overall 


  • As noted in 2011, “crafty bike and rock skills…not mad skillz, just quiet, respectable, keeping-expectations-low-while-doing-well skills” Those quiet skillz led to 3rd place overall.
  • Credentials…Steve actually lived on East Luray, an automatic check in the “win” column
  • Channels Steve McQueen, when necessary


  • Golf and hoops…in 2011, we questioned whether these were “strengths disguised as weaknesses,” but we now know without question these are weaknesses
  • Questionable taste in music – a little too much Depeche Comode and a little too much animosity towards country
  • Sophomore over-expectations…not from the judges’ perspectives, but Steve’s own perception that he can handle the weekend with less caution and careful pacing. Add into that the return of Mix Master Steve Ball and Mr. Schukraft may be struggling to keep up this year

Past Performances:

In his rookie race (2011), Steve was quietly competent at soccer, quietly skilled on the rocks, uninterested in golf, slower than expected in the mountain biking time trial (but quietly consistent during the 5.5 hour pre-ride), and quietly persistent at basketball, contributing to the 3rd place team. With low expectations and consistent performance, he took home 3rd overall. Steve then added an extra event to the triathlon – climbing Mt Washington. (Race Director note: curious how none of these pictures are of Steve actually doing anything during the triathlon. We may need to revisit the scoring from last year. Endnote)

Expectations for 2012:

This is Steve’s path back to the podium: be one of only three racers to successfully climb whatever route becomes the “Spiderman-Ben” of this year’s triathlon; get a hole-in-one or some other spectacular shot, nabbing third place in golf; not fall off the bike during the time trial, even though everyone else does;  master the pick-n-roll with Steve Otto and successfully keep Steve Ball away from the ball and the basket. Odds of any 1 of those 4 things happening: 50-1. But, Steve does has a talent for finding the best advice and may just find a way to win…



2 responses to “Handicapping the 2012 Field: Steve Schukraft

  1. Even better odds with the “pushing 50” handicap and an MTB course favoring skill over fitness. Shame about Otto’s place in the draft. Any compensatory points available for him?

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