Triathlon 2008

We learned a few things the first year:

  • Golf north of North Conway is gorgeous, but way too damn far to drive;
  • Exeter is great mountain biking, but too technical;
  • 2-on-2 basketball is impossibly exhausting at the end of the triathlon.

Overall Standings:

1st – JP

2nd – SteveBall

3rd – Danno

JP excelled at rock climbing, sucked at golf, did well on the mountain bike, and won hoops.  Steve Ball had some courage on the rock (while Otto puked), sucked at golf, tried hard on the bikes, and somehow made 90% of his awkward shots in hoops.  Danno climbed better than anyone else, played golf worse than anyone, led the mountain biking, and was terrible at basketball.

Rock Climbing

At Rumney, with Steve DuPree as a guide.  An excellent outdoor morning, with almost everyone giving it a good effort.  JP – 1st; Graf – 2nd; Ball – 3rd.


Eagle Mountain in Jackson, NH, roughly 13 hours drive from Newbury (and half the group got lost on the way). Otto – 1st; Sousa – 2nd; Big Daddy – 3rd.

Mountain Biking

Exeter….crazy technical biking, especially for some new mountain bikers.  And when we arrived, without bikes, some guides were setting a race course for the next day and wondered why 10 guys with bike helmets forgot to bring their bikes.  Those guides later walked past some of the racers on their bikes (trying to ride up impossible granite).  Chris Roy – 1st; Chris Doyle – 2nd; Chris Heffernan – 3rd.


2-on-2, and Gary left after one game to go see Bruce Springsteen for the 312th time.  JP/Ball – 1st; Fes/Graf – 2nd; Chris Roy/Chris Heffernan – 3rd.


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