Handicapping the 2015 Field: Gary

No one brings more sweat, brawn, and old man strength to the East Luray Liars Triathlon than Gary Cavanaugh

ELLT 2013 hoops Gary pantsed


  • Wisdom…as the oldest competitor, Gary has a depth of experience and wisdom and patience…and he can tell back-in-the-day stories that make everyone start to wonder just how old he really is
  • Mad skillz at golf. He used to be close to a single handicap, but he traded golf for kayaking, which means he upper-body strength is better than it used to be
  • Mountain biking skills and speed fueled by Jethro Tull-like screaming
  • photogenic – other than Steve Ball, who is better pictured amongst the ELLT racers?
  • Court vision…well, sometimes. His basketball game has waned over the years, but he still has home court advantage…
  • Home court…and home house, and home bed, and home touch on mixing Dark & Stormies (for others)

ELLT 2012 Hoops Gary gets serious


  • Fear of soccer and heights, which takes him off the pitch and the wall.
  • a crappy old mountain bike
  • a home touch on mixing the Dark & Stormies (for himself)
  • wisdom – Gary has grown smart enough to limit himself to what he can do without truly risking his life…and that is a weakness.

Gary golf 2009

Past Performance
In 2008, Gary bailed after one hoops game and went to see Mr. Dancing in the Dark. On the 2009 mountain bike ride, the woods were echoing with Gary’s yelps and screams and howls. He was riding an early 1990s no suspension made-of-lead-and-steel bike, but still tore up the single track. 2010 sucked. Gary got slide tackled by Owen Heffernan in soccer and never recovered, keeping him out of the rest of the race. In 2011, Gary put his wisdom and years to good use, excusing himself from soccer and climbing, joining the race for golf, where he came in 3rd on his home course. In hoops, Gary was part of the 2nd place team, but Gary missed the podium in a year when the golfers were completely shut-out. In 2012, Gary took 2nd in golf, then slipped a place to 3rd in 2013. And in 2014, slipped out of medal contention when Amit destroyed the field and two of three Erics had decent outings (Lapham and Marshall).

Danno and Gary get scary
Expectations for 2015
Gary’s absence on the rocks diminishes his overall chances, but he should medal in golf, with Amit gone and the Erics killing each other. He has been biking consistently since last summer, so if he knows there is a bagel stop halfway through, he should do well. In hoops, he will have the youngest player on his team, which should be good for a couple of wins. As is previous triathlons, if he doesn’t leave early to go see the Springsteen cover band at the Newbury Senior Center and IF The Commissioner grants an exemption on the every-event rule, he could come in (at best) 2nd or 3rd overall.


ELLT 2013 golf ugly crew too


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