Triathlon 2013

This page should have been written in August 2013, but it wasn’t….so my memories might be a little off.

ELLT 2013 The Book

Our warm-up detox soccer match included a few injuries and pulled muscles, but the lack of stretching prompted a different approach in 2014 — and it all took place with the backdrop of a circus, which seemed fitting. I found a ton of pictures, which are here, with a few highlights below.

ELLT 2015 soccer group

ELLT 2013 soccer Ball afraid

ELLT 2013 soccer Lapham header

Rock climbing, as usual, leads to the worst pictures. But Danno, back in competition after a year off, pulled out first place. JP took second – I wish I could remember how. And Mike Graf took third. In all the years of climbing, that seems like the the right order.

ELLT 2013 climbing 1

ELLT 2013 climbing 2ELLT 2013 climbing 3ELLT 2013 climbing 4

and then, while getting the keg, this happened, which sucked.

ELLT 2013 volvo

But we still played golf at Amesbury. Tom Gustafson won (by a lot) and Eric Lapham came in second (“first loser,” in Lapham-speak). In third, we had a three-way tie (ok, that’s no surprise): Doyle, Madden, and Cavanaugh.

 ELLT 2013 golf ballet ELLT 2013 ugly crew ELLT 2013 golf Danno ELLT 2013 golf OttoELLT 2013 golf ugly crew too

For mountain biking, we returned Stratham — and got completely pummeled by Danno on the free-ride before the short, brutal time trial. And we had a small matter of a broken bike. Never happened before and won’t happen again.

ELLT 2013 mountain biking mapELLT 2013 mountain biking bikesELLT 2013 mountain biking pre raceELLT 2013 mountain biking brokenELLT 2013 mountain biking all

Lunch at Red Hook….ahhhh…..Red Hook

ELLT 2013 Red Hook lunchELLT 2013 Red Hook Graf and

Basketball — we had six teams, which turned out to be way too many. But the final game came down to JP, Mike, and Chris Doyle v Gus, Eric Lapham, and Jason Madden, truly a surprise team.

ELLT 2013 hoops Gary pantsedELLT 2013 hoops Gary shootsELLT 2013 hoops Shimp elevatesELLT 2013 hoops Danno elevatesELLT 2013 hoops Steve and SteveELLT 2013 hoops Team SOBELLT 2013 hoops excellent defenseELLT 2013 Team HickoryELLT 2013 hoops Gary shoots againELLT 2013 hoops crazy LaphamELLT 2013 hoops Team SOB 2

So, your overall winner — first ever repeat winner: JP


second overall — Mr. Mike Graf

Graf before biking

third overall — Chris ‘Fes’ Doyle

ELLT 2009 Doyle showing 1st place mountain biking form

yes, that’s Team Hickory taking 1-2-3 on the podium

ELLT 2013 hoops Team Hickory defeated


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