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Pic of the Day (#116)

Big wins and Wednesday chowdah….that was a big win, an early season must win for the Bruins, over a Senators team that had been playing out-of-their-minds hockey and could potentially have steamrolled the floundering Boston Bear Lobsters. The Bruins had the piss in them this evening – and some weird sparks of flash from unlikely places — which is an encouraging sign for this 2011-2012 season. Another year passing around the Stanley Cup is an unreasonable request. Another year in the play-offs, doing well and upsetting wankahs like the Tampa Bay (Devil Rays) Lightning would be good enough.


NHL new (2nd) favorite team: the Jets

To state the obvious, but probably necessary, up front: we are not adding hockey to the East Luray Liars triathlon. Further obvious points: I don’t watch hockey enough to be an expert, particularly not in New England. But expertise in sports-watching and analysis is increasingly less useful, as it becomes more prevalent, and just watching the game and following a team and a season more enjoyable the, um, less you think about it, if that makes sense.

So this story in the NYTimes made me look up the Bruins schedule to see when they’re playing Winnipeg (Nov 26th) and makes me want to cheer for these Jets (not the New York kind). The following is the exact opposite of the hype and hoopla that passes for passion around here:

“There was a two-hour CBC/Radio Canada special Saturday night; a video clip in which Neil Young turns to reveal his Jets sweater and the Canadian flag on his cellphone; and a request from Prime Minster Stephen Harper for 14 tickets to Sunday’s sold-out opener. He was given two. They were the only spare tickets left.”

The Bruins championship last year brought out incredible passion and the post-victory celebrations, lasting all the way through the Dropkick Murphys at Fenway Park, lived up to all the hype. But the Red Sox season was marred by idiot fans calling for Francona’s job and the Patriots’ season started with belly-aching over every slight hiccup and flaw. How about a city supporting a team they lost until they got them back again. Good stuff…hope they lose to the Bruins, of course, but will cheer for them every other game of the season (next game, Thursday at the Blackhawks).


How to celebrate

I don’t intend to include YouTube links here often, but this one is perfect…..Bruins fans celebrating in Afghanistan…..


Clam Chowder Review: Bob Lobster, Newbury

The day after the Bruins win the Stanley Cup seems like a good day to get some clam chowder…just a great celebration for New England kind of day. And with Bob Lobster so close, it was time to revisit the one-time mecca of clam chowder…

First Taste: a fishy-ness, a briny-ness, a deep immediate taste of the ocean. No question from the first spoonful that this is loaded with clams.

Fishy Substance: good, fresh clams and plenty of them. No extras, no special little join-the-party fish, just tasty clams (with a little grit, which is a good thing).

Essential Extras: the potatoes have just the right firmness – solid, without being raw and undercooked. There was no bacon, but the celery was perfect – enough to taste, but not too much. The pepper was good – no extra needed….ok, maybe a little extra needed (but that’s the Polack in me).

Creamy Quality: Bob Lobster consistently has the creaminess right, if maybe slightly sliding towards soup. Because the chowder is so well-balanced overall, I can’t fault it for being slightly-ever-so-slightly soupy.

What It’s Got: Balance. And heft. Some clam chowders leave you ready for a meal, but Bob Lobster’s – for lunch, at least – is enough. And a salty ocean taste that hits you on the first spoonful and then really thunders through when you get to the bottom of the bowl. That ocean sense-smell-taste sets it apart.

Overall: My soul suffered a near-fatal blow when I learned Bob Lobster doesn’t make their own chowder, but instead brings it in from the Boston Chowder Company. I confirmed that today and asked why they don’t make their own. The counter clerk had no good explanation, but I remain convinced something about the ocean air all around Bob Lobster and maybe the vats they keep the chowder in give it an extra something. It is, despite its semi-factory origins, a very good chowder. I just wish they made it themselves.

Rating: 4 Clams...Booby Orr’s number, which seems just right today.