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Handicapping the Field: Chris Sousa

our last experienced racer now, Chris Sousa:


  • Experience….at golf, which immediately puts him in contention for a medal…also experience dealing with unruly kids, which is how the racers are after the first event….
  • Luck…being put on the right team at the right time requires a little lobbying and a lot of luck


  • Experience…at golf, which means the expectations are higher and he needs to get 1st or 2nd to medal…no 3rd place finish possible for Chris
  • No outside shot…which would normally be essential if you’re teammates include Shaq and Rondo – you should be wide open after Rondo drives, draws the defense, and dishes, with Shaq underneath to box out and grab boards….but his Shaq plays more like Dirk, making Chris’ role even tougher.

Past performances: In 2008, Sousa joined the group for golf in Canada and took second behind Steve Otto. Chris missed the overall podium that year and missed the entire event in 2009. In 2010, Chris returned and had the good fortune to step into Mark Olson’s shoes for hoops, with the returning basketball champs Chris Roy and Eric Shimp using Sousa to cruise to a repeat first place finish. Although his golf nemesis Otto missed the ELLT in 2010, Sousa was hard pressed to keep up with Shimp and Eric Lapham. With expectations high from his silver performance in 2008, he didn’t medal in golf and missed the overall podium again.

Expectations for 2011: Golf is a wild card again this year, as is rock climbing and mountain biking. With the returning hoops team staying together, it all comes down to beating expectations and sinking a few shots for the 3-peat.