Triathlon 2009

In the second year, we learned that being lucky is important (when it comes to the weather).


1st – Mark Olson

2nd – Steve Otto

3rd – Eric Gundrum

Rock Climbing

We went to Rumney and it rained, but thanksfully our guide, Steve D again, knew the owner of the local rock gym and we had an indoor session, highlighted by Gary playing fusball and Mark Olson instructing everyone to touch the pink triangle.  Gundrum – 1st; JP – 2nd; Otto – 3rd.


Between Rumney and Bradford, it poured, raining so hard we drove 35 mph on the highway.  But the skies cleared enough to start a round, although by the 4th hole, it was pouring again.  Olson – 1st; Otto – 2nd; Graf – 3rd (only because on the 3rd hole, an impossible blind alley over a crazy marsh, Graf hit a perfect tee shot and birdied the hole).

Mountain Biking

Willowdale….much better than Exeter, although we rode for 10 hours, with Gary screaming with joy the entire time.  Fes – 1st; Ball – 2nd; Gary – 3rd.


3-on-3 was far better for everyone, although I failed to properly stack the teams and Eric Gundrum wore a Camelbak the whole time.  Shimp/Roy/Olson – 1st; JP/Ball/Gundrum – 2nd; Rho Bandits – 3rd.

Pre-Race odds:

Overall                                                           Odds (to come in first)

JP (1st in 2008)                                      50-1 (based on the odds above and the unreliability of anything related to THE Ohio State U)

Steve Ball (2nd in 2008)                           25-1 (expected to be over-confident; tawny, with a hint of blueberries and oak)

Danno (3rd in 2008)                                20-1 (needs to overcome an expected painful sweep in hoops)

Heffernan                                            Even (overhung with high expectations)

Eric Shimp (rookie)                                7-1 (depends on hoops and not relying on that inconsistent outside shot)

Steve Otto                                           2-1 (most likely to place in the top 3 in 3 of 4 events)

Chris Doyle                                           2-1 (it all comes down to golf; lucky for him, currently in Canada training for this)

Mike Graf                                             4-1 (also all about golf, provided hoops works out as well)

Chris Roy                                             50-1 (with two DNP, would need two 1st places and scattershots from everyone else)

Mark Olson (rookie)                                15-1 (if he doesn’t tank rock climbing and scores well in mountain biking, the odds could shift)

Eric Gundrum (rookie)                            75-1 (although 4 strong 4th place finishes could change that)

Cavanaugh                                           9-1 (it’s all about exceeding expectations…and not leaving mid-race to go see the Boss)

Big Daddy                                            300-1 (he wins straight up at golf, he gets the overall…no debate)





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