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An Apple Cider Manhattan

this one based on an article about a Woodford Reserve Manhattan-making contest winner and for some reason reminds me of drinking appletinis while watching the first season of The Apprentice, although these manhattans are much better… 

Fill a shaker with ice and sprinkle the ice with a little cinnamon. Then add a little more cinnamon. Rinse a half-jigger with bitters, then add a half-jigger of sweet vermouth to the shaker. Pour out 1 full measure of apple cider and 2.5 full measures bourbon (with an extra dash for your soul). Shake like hell on rails for a good 20 seconds, at least. Before straining, rub an apple slice around the inside of an iced martini glass, then garnish the glass with it. The very slowly drizzle a small amount of maple syrup in the glass, all the way around, about 3/4 of the way deep. One more shake and then pour and serve or sip yourself. Of course, rye is a perfectly good substitute. Double of course — if you’re drinking this Manhattan while watching Villanova basketball with Big Daddy, reminiscences of The Apprentice and appletinis will diminish faster than the bourbon in your glass.