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ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #18

Rock climbing winners — not the best picture and a reminder to take more pictures and video during the actual climbing

ELLT 2017 Rock climbing winners


ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #4

not too many pictures from climbing, hoping maybe others took some

ELLT 2017 Gundrum on belay

ELLT Pic of the Day

climbing pics never get old, but also never quite get the right angle or perspective


ELLT 2016 Pic of the Day

medal-winning form


Pic of the Day

crappy rainy weather here reminds me of climbing outside in 2008 and 2009. Or trying toin 2009 before the rains swept that idea away

ELLT Pic of the Day

Chris getting a rock climbing medal. Not sure how that happened in 2010, but hope he shows up on the rocks in 2014

ELLT 2010 Chris getting a medal

Pic of the Day

ELLT 2011 Ben swinging on the rocks

warmer weather makes me think we need to climb outside again this year….