Triathlon 2012

We reached 5 years in 2012, an unexpected milestone after the first year…but something we all looked forward to after the second year, when we realized this thing had a weird life of its own.

quick flashback: day one, year one…



Nothing that comes in future years may ever compare to the 2012 ELLT Prologue, when Tom McParland offered a speech rivaling Henry V on St. Crispin’s Day and Patrick Swayze in Red Dawn. While we all thought he peaked when he labeled us “losers” and questioned our competitive spirit, the true highlight, the most shining moment, was Tom’s refusal to take any shit from anyone about his impending absence from the weekend. In his immortal words: “No Apologizations!”

Tom McP and a black and tan


Just before the triathlon started, the Commissioner re-arranged the soccer teams, resulting in an intense, close match, ultimately won by the side with more righteousness and better cleats. This year probably cemented soccer as an essential Friday morning event. We all ran at least three miles…well, all except for Chris Heffernan, who spent most of his time in goal, watching the ball sail by him. (and no soccer recap would be complete without this)

ELLT 2012 Soccer Steve S with the ball

Rock Climbing

Probably the best year at Metrorock. Our “guide” got the new and forgetful racers through their courses quickly, understood some of us were ready to go right away, and actually seemed to enjoy being around the entire group. We also climbed longer (in time) than any year since the first year. I suspect everyone is starting to actually like rock climbing. (Ben and Danno disqualified themselves the year before by revealing their spiderman skillz…Otto, JP, Schukraft, Chris H, and Fes all medaled).

ELLT 2012 Rock Climbing Ball ELLT 2012 Rock Climbing Lapham ELLT 2012 Rocking Climbing Fes and Ball


Easily the best golf outing of the ELLT. Year One in Canada was gorgeous, but came at a steep price (the seven-hour drive home). We played Year Two in a monsoon. An over-eager course warden spoiled the round for many racers on Year Three. Despite the hospitality, Year Four was a death march through the marsh. Finally, we got it right — good enough course, plenty of space to play, scenic enough….maybe worth going to again in 2013.

ELLT 2012 Golf Chris H ELLT 2012 Golf Steve S first tee

Mountain Biking

Pictures say it all…video is good, too….even if you’re going too fast

ELLT 2012 Mountain Biking Ben ready ELLT 2012 Mountain Biking bikes ELLT 2012 Mountain Biking Eric S ELLT 2012 Mountain Biking pre race ELLT 2012 Mountain Biking Rho Bandits ELLT 2012 Mountain Biking Steves ELLT 2012 Mountain Biking Tank ELLT 2012 Otto crash helmet

the results? Three guys finished the time trial in under four minutes (Danno, Ben, and Chris Roy); three guys finished in under 5 minutes (Eric Marshall, JP, and the Race Director); four guys finished in under 6 minutes (Madden, Schukraft, Eric Shimp, and Gus)…..Steve Ball finished in 24 minutes and 41 seconds….


the final game was supposed to go to 9, win by two. At 11-11, we decided it was to 15, win by 1. Both teams had chances to win. Best basketball game of the ELLT evah….and all the games leading up included some of the best and ugliest basketball we’ve seen. If everyone is starting to love/respect/enjoy rock climbing, everyone is definitely now taking hoops more and more and more seriously. For 2013, we need to spend more time at Red Hook

ELLT 2012 Hoops Ben clears out team red ELLT 2012 Hoops Ben plays defense ELLT 2012 Hoops Chris and Fes ELLT 2012 Hoops Chris and Patrick ELLT 2012 Hoops Chris Chris Jason rugby ELLT 2012 Hoops Gary and Marshall ELLT 2012 Hoops Gus and Danno ELLT 2012 Hoops Gus sets a pick ELLT 2012 Hoops JP and Patrick ELLT 2012 Hoops Marshall and Gary ELLT 2012 Hoops Patrick shooting


Before getting to the overall winners, we recognized two guys who made every event for 5 straight years, a Cal Ripken-esque achievement….this may not be an Iron Man Triathlon, but doing every event for 5 straight years shows incredible stamina

iron men

And the overall winners:

In third, with a consistent display of mad hockey skillz, even when those skillz didn’t apply: Eric Marshall

ELLT 2012 Mountain Biking Marshall

In second place, a bare breath away from the first repeat ever, JP

ELLT 2012 Mountain Bike JP

and youe 2012 Overall ELLT Champion, the man with the busted skull, the unstoppable Steve Otto



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