The Ball Bar

The Ball Bar

This page includes the wit and wisdom of Steve Ball and others who step up to the bar…..

We will start with everything you need to know to make the perfect, standard martini.

Make This: Apple Cider Manhattan or this: Manhattan October 2012

Use This: The Turtle

And Use This: Bloody Marys and Football


4 responses to “The Ball Bar

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  2. Try this one on my behalf. It’s called the Lac Breeze

    tall glass full of ice
    pint glass (empty)
    drop a generous shot/pour of gin into the tall glass
    fill glass to about 30 percent with campari
    add an equivalent amount of grapefruit juice
    top it off with cold club soda
    add thick, clean, generous slice of orange
    Upend into pint glass
    return to tall glass

    !important! under no circumstances feel self-conscious drinking something pink.

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