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ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #12

excellent soccer shot (thanks, Maeve) that was either a goal or a near miss

ELLT 2017 soccer mess of players


ELLT 2017 Soccer: Roadies win again

Soccer doesn’t count, but always ends up one of the best parts of the weekend, especially when I am on the winning team. Could have been a closer game, but one of the Townies played with only one cleat and another one never stopped calling for the ball and then missing the goal. Good times, always makes me want to play more soccer all year long.

ELLT 2017 soccer Leo and Chris Roy

ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #10

this is not soccer

ELLT 2017 soccer Gus and JP


ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #5

started with soccer and this year the Roadies destroyed the Townies, not something we will ever see again (picture is blurry — more coming off the camera soon)

ELLT 2017 soccer mess


ELLT 2017: Getting warmed up

playing soccer like my oldest son…..

ELLT 2013 soccer man down2

ELLT 2013 – yes, 2013 – soccer

so I came across a mess of great pictures from soccer during the 2013 ELLT

we played that year with circus tents in the background – seemed fitting

ELLT 2015 soccer groupEric Lapham’s header here is textbook perfect, reflecting how much he knows and loves the game

ELLT 2013 soccer Lapham header

More of Eric’s technique, this time demonstrating how soccer is really a dance, really a tango

ELLT 2013 soccer Lapham and Madden dancing

But now I am completely confused – what is Eric doing?

ELLT 2013 soccer what is Lapham doing

Man Down! This was the year I was at 50% or less throughout the entire triathlon

ELLT 2013 soccer man down

the always amusing annual “Steve Ball Afraid” picture

ELLT 2013 soccer Ball afraid

about to be a goal, putting the blue team up 22-1

ELLT 2013 soccer about to be a goal

Mike Graf showing off some technique (as Eric Lapham takes notes)

ELLT 2013 soccer Graf technique

exceptional defense

ELLT 2013 soccer defense

Steve Ball did not score a header here

ELLT 2013 soccer not a steve ball header goal

fitting last picture — another goal for the blue team

ELLT 2013 soccer Danno scores

ELLT Pic of the Day

one of my favorites from last year

ELLT 2014 soccer wrong way