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Handicapping the Field: Steve Schukraft

We’ll start the rookie class of 2011 with Steve Schukraft, one of the original East Luray Liars (and actual one-time resident of East Luray Avenue) (pictured below with ELLT three-time racer and all-around good hair guy, Steve Ball):


  • Crafty bike and rock skills…not mad skillz, just quiet, respectable, keeping-expectations-low-while-doing-well skills
  • Credentials..as mentioned above, Steve actually lived on East Luray, which must count for something, right?


  • Golf and hoops…these skills may be strengths disguised as weaknesses, as I can recall playing hoops with Steve only in Steve Ball’s drunken driveway and I can’t ever recall even talking about golf with him, so he either has Danno-like talents or he has been hiding a dead-eye outside shot and a dead-solid-perfect short game.
  • Inexperience…in New Year’s Eve conversation, Steve seemed to think the triathlon is merely four events over two days…

Past Performances: In 2006, Steve and I drank beers and watched an entire World Cup match at a bar in Alexandria (Japan-Brazil, which Brazil won, but Japan’s goaltender was incredible).  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh3giLQ3zm0)

Expectations for 2011: Steve found quality mountain biking in Florida and has been training since August 2010. He can climb, but he probably sucks at golf. In hoops, if he sees the court like a soccer player and gets good teammates, he could take three stage medals and a place on the overall podium.