Handicapping the 2015 Field: Dave Fetter

Our first rookie profile for 2015 comes from the pen of 2010 Overall Champion Eric Shimp

“Dave “Captain” Fetter hails from upstate NY by way of an itinerant life in the US Foreign Service. His career was littered with garden spots including Chad, Somalia and Afghanistan. He brings to ELLT a dogged determination that has served him well from the rugby pitches of Canberra, where he played in semipro leagues to the delight of local fans, to the rocky scree of the Hindu Kush, where he once fended off the depredations of the Taliban with nothing more than a toothbrush and a firm demarche. Although he speaks French, he avoids it like the plague, preferring to discuss the art of nano brewing from the bottom of a pint glass. While the odds may be stacked against Dave, considering his rookie status, bookmakers note his love for the occult, multinational rugby experience, and proven ability to dodge a bullet as vital factors for any run to the podium.”

(Race Director’s note: in previous years, expectations elevated some racers, but since 2013, expectations have been a non-factor. I have no idea if he can climb, golf, mountain bike, or play basketball, but if he is anything like the other two most -recently joined rugby players (Moeling and Lovell) or if he brings a hockey-like (Marshall) mentality, he’ll like power through to at least one medal in biking or climbing. With the right hoops team, he could land on the overall podium) (and thanks to the power of the interwebs, we do have a picture. Endnote)



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