Handicapping the 2012 Field: Eric Marshall

Eric Marshall

2011 Rookie (Golf, 2nd Place)

Fittingly for a Massachusetts-based triathlon, we have a hockey player in the mix. An umbrella-loving, fedora-sporting, cigar-smoking, helmet-choice-challenged hockey player, who is probably like most other hockey players in all those qualities.


  • hockey skills and stamina, which come into play in soccer, rock climbing, mountain biking, and hoops; one of the few elite athletes among the East Luray Liars.
  • sneaky good golf game. quietly, stealthily, almost secretly good
  • age and wisdom, but see below
  • mental soundtrack never stops playing Iron Maiden’s “Aces High”
  • last man standing, always, no matter how much Knot or Knob Creek has gone down.


  • fondness for umbrellas
  • basketball skills like a hockey player (see below)
  • rides a mountain bike made in 1985
  • mental soundtrack never stops playing Iron Maiden’s “Aces High”
  • a zen-like calmness, which seems out of place in the kill-your-enemy competition of the ELLT, combined with an over-thinking approach that can be paralyzing…age and wisdom….age and wisdom

Past Performance 

Eric was a rookie in 2011, but demonstrated exceptional skills on the golf course and the mountain bike (placed 7th, just five seconds slower than the 18-year-old). Eric also excelled at the prologue stage, the recovery stage, and the post-race stage.

Expectations for 2012

Based on watching other racers handle the rocks in their second triathlon, I am positive Eric’s climbing will be a major improvement over 2011. Better than Ben, Lapham, Shimp, and Otto? Not likely, but 3rd sometimes (not always) goes to the racer who best overcomes expectations. And Eric should improve on the bikes as well — 2 of the 6 people ahead of him last year won’t be eligible to medal this year and 1 will be protecting our chicken-fried freedoms in California. All Eric needs to do is ride faster than McParland and Moeling and he’s on the podium. Hoops…all depends on what his teammates bring…hopefully, for his sake, that will include shooting skills. Of course, his son played travel basketball this winter, so Eric basketball IQ is presumably higher now….

So we’re looking at a maybe rocks and biking medals, a possible 3rd in hoops, but golf is the real wildcard. Eric is likely to be in the final foursome, which will be playing behind McParland, Moeling, Heffernan, and Graf. The other Erics and Otto may not have the zen-like calmness of natural peace and patience to handle the tom-foolery happening in front of them. Eric Marshall has a legit shot at winning at golf – and winning overall, continuing the local streak and reverting back to golfers dominating the ELLT.


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