Handicapping the Field: Otto

Otto is the reigning ELLT Champion, 2012’s Iron Man with an Iron Skull.

ELLT 2012 Otto crash helmet

before we get to the details, a couple more pictures….

Otto post-race



  • As in previous years, Chara-like training regime in the off-season. While other Cheats & Liars are consuming bacon-swirled Manhattans, deep-fried doubled-dipped potatoes, and martinis, Otto is crushing 10Ks, doubling up on P90X, and tearing up the batting cages. And according to the Alexandria Peace & Love Yoga Studio, Otto’s cleanses are “tantric”
  • As noted before 2012’s ELLT, a top golf game, easily in the Final Foursome. And the experience of winning twice, which may be of greater value than the close competitors realize (Mr. Lapham, please step forward)
  • Fearless bike skillz….(but see below)
  • Sneaky basketball skills…Otto consistently throws up good stats, even if he gets hobbled by his teammates…you know, this used to be a strength, but the more I think about it, the less sneaky and strenghty it seems….

ELLT 2011 Post Race Otto and the Green JWeaknesses:

A penchant for vodka martinis and a tendency to run into trees at full speed….that’s not too many weaknesses.


Past Performances:

In 2008, Otto captured 1st in golf and, honestly, had a much better mountain bike ride than the third place winner that year (in that event). Otto’s best two performances, however, took place at the very start of the race, when Otto managed to throw-up in his mouth during the car ride to Rumney, avoiding what would have been disqualification and ex-communication by The Commissioner. Otto then quietly and stealthily puked while at the rocks, preserving forever his DNA in New Hampshire’s stones.In 2009, Otto took 3rd in climbing, thanks to a diet less-steeped in gin and tonics and an adherence to Mark Olson’s theory of the pink triangle. Otto then took 2nd in golf, the first racer ever to medal in two events on the same day. His mountain biking was ehhh and his hoops team sucked (0 wins, although maybe not all Otto’s fault). Based on his ground-breaking first day, Otto took home 2nd place overall.

Otto missed 2010 but in 2011, Otto returned and reclaimed his green jacket. He also had a strong showing on the rocks, the bikes, and the court (his team came in second). In 2012, Otto’s strong showing on the rocks (1st) and incredible bike ride, plus a scattered set of wins across the field, led to his overall championship.

Expectations for 2013

Otto could repeat. If he can stay on his bike, stay on the rocks, stay on his golf game….he could repeat, especially now with expectations at zero. But….climbing is getting tighter and tougher, and Ben and Danno are back in contention. Golf will include Gus, Lapham, Shimp, Marshall, and Cavanaugh — any three of those fellas could beat Otto on any given day. We all know Otto’s time trial time will be in the top 5….but top 3? And hoops…actually, this year his Secret Weapon isn’t Steve Ball’s gin and tonics but the basketball wisdom Steve Ball now has….so….maybe….possibly….may take a small miracle.

Otto 1


One response to “Handicapping the Field: Otto

  1. So with “the basketball wisdom Steve Ball now has…” does that mean that Team Ohio is going to happen this year? If I’m able to stay on my bike in the prior event, of course.

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