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Seaweed beer

seaweed beer

better than it sounds – and, yes, that is an ELLT champion lurking in the background


Opening the Ball Bar with how to make the perfect, standard martini

This post opens the Ball Bar, where we will collect the wisdom of the Liars, as well as drink recipes, starting with the basic, standard, and perfect martini. Some Liars have questioned whether Steve Ball deserves his reputation as a master mixer, but I know The Commissioner has never invoked anyone else’s name when requesting a drink. Suggested recipes are welcome, as well as reviews, comments, and criticisms. For starters, this video tells you everything you need to know and the picture below is a perfect Steve Ball martini (absent the olives, as is my preference).


(what looks like chunks of garlic in the glass are just reflections from the lights..this is admittedly a lousy picture…will do better in coming posts)