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ELLT 2013 playlist

so the lovely tunes we all enjoy during the necessary rest and refuel stages of the triathlon will be run a bit differently this year. Basically, if you have an iPhone, you have the opportunity to play music off your phone for everyone to enjoy. A couple comments:

  • its like a driver’s license that can be revoked. If you play Bob Seger, Dire Straights, or Pink Floyd, your “I-got-next” rights are revoked for an entire year. That no-fly list is subject to additions;
  • if “I-got-next” breaks down, we’re going with the Lord of the Flies rules and if you have the conch (pic below), then you control the tunes;
  • if The Commisioner requests it, it gets played immediately;
  • but much like playing an album, there will be times when we put on a playlist and simply enjoy the magic music that makes your morning move (or evening, whatever)….on that note, below is the ELLT 2013 playlist. Feel free to make suggestions or send additions. And, yes, Gin & Juice is missing because that is essentially the house song.

conch chip

Know My Name The Goo Goo Dolls
Never Take the Place of Your Man The Goo Goo Dolls
Over The Hills And Far Away Led Zeppelin
Suffragette City David Bowie
MMMBop Hanson
Ziggy Starsdust David Bowie
Hunger Strike Temple of the Dog
Rudie Can’t Fail The Clash
Memories Remain Dropkick Murphys
Wicked Sensitive Crew Dropkick Murphys
A New England Billy Bragg
Tessie Dropkick Murphys
Skinhead On The Mbta Dropkick Murphys
If I Had A Boat Lyle Lovett
Don’t Touch My Hat Lyle Lovett
Bankrobber The Clash
Cowboy Man Lyle Lovett
White Riot [Single Version] The Clash
The Guns of Brixton The Clash
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais The Clash
Hold On! I’m A Comin’ Sam & Dave
The Gauntlet Dropkick Murphys
Jack Daniels Eric Church
Beer Run Todd Snider
Dixie Chicken Little Feat
Someday I Suppose The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Country Must Be Country Wide Brantley Gilbert
Only Wanna Be With You Hootie & The Blowfish
Please Come to Boston (Live) Kenny Chesney
Spanish Bombs The Clash
Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again North Mississippi Allstars
Stay Free The Clash
Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra) The Vaccines
Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan
Tip It On Back Dierks Bentley
Eyes Without a Face Billy Idol
Battleship Chains The Georgia Satellites
Sequestered In Memphis The Hold Steady
Rock You Like a Hurricane Scorpions
White Room Cream
Finger Lickin’ Good Beastie Boys
Shadrach Beastie Boys
Hey Ladies Beastie Boys
No Sleep Till Brooklyn Beastie Boys
Nonstop Disco Powerpack Beastie Boys
Same Old Song And Dance Aerosmith
I Go Back Kenny Chesney
Trip Through Your Wires U2
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For U2
Remedy The Black Crowes
She Green Day
Alive Pearl Jam
Yellow Ledbetter Pearl Jam
Three Strange Days School of Fish
Two Princes Spin Doctors
Candy Iggy Pop
You Can’t Always Get What You Want The Rolling Stones
Come Sail Away (Edit) Styx
Werewolves of london Warren Zevon
Can’t You See (feat. Kid Rock) [Live] Zac Brown Band
Wavin’ Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix) K’naan
Kyrie Mr. Mister
Freedom Jimi Hendrix
Back In Black AC/DC
Shoot to Thrill AC/DC
One Bad Apple The Osmonds
The Boss James Brown
The Ratcatcher Antibalas
Ride On the Train Hollis Brown
Rose Tattoo Dropkick Murphys
Walk On the Wild Side Lou Reed
Black Caffeine Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell
Black Dog Led Zeppelin
Blowin’ Smoke Kacey Musgraves
Ho Hey The Lumineers
Anna Lee Sonia Dada
If It Ain’t Me Hollis Brown
Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve
Hey Baby Hollis Brown
Check the Rhime A Tribe Called Quest
Gimme Back My Bullets Lynyrd Skynyrd
Superstition Stevie Wonder
Unity Operation Ivy
Dirty Blvd. Lou Reed
All Summer Long Kid Rock
Come Anytime Hoodoo Gurus
It’s Just Who I Am Derek Aramburu
American Beautiful The Henningsens
Ring of Fire Social Distortion

Music That Doesn’t Suck – The Cult

The Cult, June 9, 2012, Hampton Beach Casino, New Hampshire

Since I would struggle to start and write a proto music review, let’s go with washington bullets for this:

  • great show, great showmanship from The Cult, with everyone doing their part to deliver a solid rock performance
  • all the classics (with the exception of Peace Dog, but that may have personal resonance the band doesn’t feel) — Sanctuary (of course), Love Removal (last song, of course), Rain, Fire Woman, Nirvana, Love, maybe another I recognized then and forget now
  • you know how old people always wear a sweater in May or a flannel shirt in June? Ian Astbury — who channels Axl better than anyone else and is 50 years old this year — wore some kind of winter coat/vest the entire concert. Yes, its New England and the summers here are weird, but inside Hampton Beach Casino it was not a little chilly
  • maybe this reflects the lack of my affection or my weak sonic temple skills, although I admit to loving The Cult, some of their songs really kind of sound alike, at least at the start — Rain, Fire Woman, and She Sells Sanctuary….they don’t make it easy….that said, all three songs were fantastic live
  • the album Love brought me over to The Cult. I was a head-banging, ideological moron, convinced that only Page, Malmstein, and Peart knew how to play guitar (Peart played drums, because truly no one else could, but guitar was easier for him, one suspects). The last couple minutes of the song ‘Love’ on the album Love has a wild guitar part where it seems like Billy Duffy completely ignores the end of the song approaching and the singer and everything else and he simply tears through his strings. Wicked good stuff….Page-like…..
  • so Ian Astbury can’t hit those soaring wild primal high sustained notes anymore….ok…it was a little chilly
  • the opening band, Against Me!, played with the urgency of an opening band (and The Cult played with the polish of a headlining band….yeah, I know, that observation has been made 1,897,675 times or more)…great sound, intense energy, worth seeing live if you have the chance…in the next couple days I will look to download some Against Me!…absolutely worth hearing again…
  • and on that note, The Cult is worth seeing live, even after all these years….(I saw The Cult open for Billy Idol in 1987…yup, 25 years ago)

So, yes, download Nirvana, Peace Dog, Love Removal, Rain, and Love, if you don’t have them. Good stuff, worth hearing again and again….


Handicapping the 2012 Field: Eric Lapham

No one brings higher expectations to ELLT 2012 than the 2010 runner-up, famously known as ELLT 1st Loser of 1st Losers, Eric Lapham

I initially thought I needed to explain some of Eric’s home court advantages, and then I realized we’re going to capture them all in the strengths (and weaknesses)…without further sandbaggery:


  • As noted in 2011, “Golf handicap of 6, 2 when playing on his home course.” In 2012, we will not be playing his home course, which may elevate his handicap to a 7. Maybe an 8. But see below…
  • “Big Red”…a two-year-old 29er for mountain biking. We need a new nickname for this particular ride, considering its frame is smaller than other 29ers. Maybe its nickname should be “Lapham.”
  • In 2011, we said, “wrestler quickness for basketball.” Based on experience, that is not a strength, its a superpower.
  • Again, we noted in 2011, “wrestler mentality for rock climbing” and we underestimated. Did I mention expectations are high? But….see below…
  • In 2011, we said, “Larry Bird-like competitiveness…and this is the only time he has ever been compared to Larry.” That is still true, but we’ll add now that Lapham has the potential to add Rondo-like competitiveness to his skill set. To be determined…(but unquestionably the only time Lapham will be compared to Rondo, who is, unquestionably, the greatest point guard of our life-times)
  • Father of the next Jozy Altidore…but this may actually be a weakness, as the Race Director is the father of the first female Clint Dempsey. Plus, Lapham has no idea who Altidore is. And the actual Altidore is injured.
  • Finally — and, hey, with expectations this high, you had to expect a lot of strengths — Lapham excels at that mystery special secret most-coveted “wasta”-like  skill of ELLT: tunes, man.

(side comment — and, yes, I’ll throw $1 into the pot for this quasi-political comment….isn’t Lapham’s smile in that picture Romney-like? Second place sucks, doesn’t it?)


  • We’re not going to play Lapham’s home course. Will he bitch and moan prior to the race? Yes. Will he shut-up and play like a Scot for 9 holes on Friday afternoon? Yes. Will he bitch and moan after that the course wasn’t as good as Ould Newbury (the extra “u” paid for by the Byfield Prevention of Vice and Protection of Virtue Society)? Yes. Net – weakness…
  • As noted in 2011, Lapham harbors an “inexplicable hatred for soccer….which was maybe made worse when his team won the event in 2010, then he learned it was an exhibition event only, not counting towards the final standings.” It has to be a weakness to go from the prologue stage (Thursday Night Knot) to the prelim stage (Friday morning soccer) beeatching about corners and red cards and flops and Europeans. Its not the athletic or competitive effort, its the attitude. Yes, by World Cup 2014, I fully expect Eric to embrace The Beautiful Game.
  • Again, as noted in 2011, “father of the next Pedro Martinez…so, yeah, we will be blaming him when the Young Liars start crushing us every year.” But…..but…..Lapham missed 2011, when the father of the next….crap….there is no better pitcher I have ever seen live than Pedro, so let’s revise Lapham and say he is the father of the next Pedroia while this is the next Pedro.
  • Wings…Lapham firmly believes Red Bull gives you wings, even when mixed with vodka. eyah……
  • Reach, height, reach, and height. In 2 of 4 events, Lapham has to overcome other racers’ natural advantages. Maybe this should be a strength, since expectations here are lowered. Yup…lowered.

Past performance: 

In his first year, 2010, Eric Lapham’s soccer team won (although it was an exhibition event and didn’t count for overall scoring), he tied for second on the rocks (with some respectable climbs), crushed the field at golf, and tied for second on the mountain bikes, helped in part by his decision to ride a 1985 Huffy. If his hoops team had been able to at least scoop up third place, he would have medaled in every event. But missing something on the court and tying for second twice kept him slightly behind the overall 2010 champ. He did, however, provide a pool and some generous hospitality on Friday night, as well as music for the 7am soccer matches that morning. And copious amounts of Red Bull.

In 2011, Eric made the smart choice of family over ELLT and missed the triathlon, although he met some of the racers on Sunday when the horde crashed  the Byfield-Newbury All Star Summer Squad game in West Newbury (have I mentioned Lapham lives in Byfield, not Newbury?).

Expectations for 2012:

As noted in 2011, “Eric Lapham would be the undisputed front runner, now that he understands the competition, the individual events, the need to pace oneself, and the need to lobby the Race Director effectively during the events. Lapham would also undisputed-ly bring more hospitality and general helpfulness, which is always good. But even missing 2011 should not lower Lapham’s chances of winning the overall in 2012.” So what’s changed? His competition in every event will be more substantial than in previous years. Ben will challenge him on the rocks. Otto will challenge him on the links (and Shimp will challenge Lapham’s mad math skillz). Lapham’s only should-be-undisputed-win comes on the bikes. And for hoops…it all comes down to basketball. And while Eric has lobbied hard for a Byfield-Newbury Little League team, he may just get that, with a Gus replacing a Marshall. The first three years went to roadies – JP, the Grey Ghost, and Shimp. Lapham has a yoooge shot at making it two locals in a row.

ELLT Pic of the Day (#192)

yup, that is exactly what you think it is…

Friday Deep Smarts: Fatherhood Edition

everything starts with “S” because since he became a father, every email from JP includes a complaint about lack of sleep…I am pretty sure that is standard for the rest of the time the kids are living under your roof…

Soccer: Having coached all three of my kids at youth soccer, this struck home — solid technique, no fear, cleanly played. If we could draft kids, I’d want this girl on Maeve’s team.

Scary: Most of the Liars are Generation X, which I think will be eventually viewed as either the second coming of the Greatest Generation or simply the generation that got most relentlessly screwed. This essay makes a few points worth keeping in mind, especially when thinking about kids: “The federal government spends $480 billion on Medicare and $68 billion on education. Prescription drugs: $62 billion. Head Start: $8 billion.” I understand federal spending is a fraction of overall spending on education, but the essays argues convincingly that the US overwhelmingly invests in the old and not the young. (and its Generation X both footing the old people’s bill and raising the young)

NASCAR Southern Scribe: “I knew Ty Cobb, who fixed baseball games, and Shoeless Joe Jackson, who didn’t … and Herman ‘Turtle’ Beam, the slowest stock car racer who ever lived …” I might mock NASCAR, but I respect anyone who works hard and anyone who makes a living writing. Do both and you’re a special kind of pretty great. “Bisher was fearless but he was not brutal. And he damn sure wasn’t a hypocrite.”

Soul music, sort of: Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart doing People Get Ready. Crib Monkeys and Liars, no question….and I don’t doubt that in heaven they watch a video of the greatest guitar solo of all time and it was Jeff Beck at some random concert absolutely blistering his guitar like never before or since.

Shots: “College basketball invites us to ignore it until March Madness, which presents such a comic, whiz-bang form of competition that it almost becomes irrelevant what sport they’re playing, or who is playing (if you’re  wondering, it’s dudes you’ve never heard of shooting free throws in a fancy garage.)” Ok, that last line resonates even more when you lose your family pool to the ladies. But it also resonates because it’s true….those were dudes I never heard of shooting free throws in a fancy garage.

and finally….

Schukraft: ELLT 2011 3rd Place Overall weighed in with the following advice for a new dad, recycled from when East Luray’s legendary Mr. Tom first sired a son: “…our lame advice about dealing with new moms and babies. I recall us covering the basics like a new dad can never be more tired than a new mom; new dads should never inquire about the status of dinner, laundry, or mom’s bathing or dressing habits; new dads should never say they’d just like to have a beer and watch the game; new dads should never wake from a sound sleep and ask if the baby woke up last night…”

ELL Pic of the Day (#165)

Wednesday are a good day for food or music (and maybe more on music later). And one of the small pleasures of driving an older car is a tape deck…made even better by old tapes of college radio station shows, with news-sports-and-weather brought to you in the melodious oso-basso of Mr. Mike Graf. Plus, the kids think the tape deck is Titanic-era technology, which makes it even cooler…this morning, in addition to hearing the weather for Lexington, Virginia, on some random day in 1989, 1990, or 1991, I heard the band That Petrol Emotion for probably the first time since 1991. And, yes, downloaded some of their stuff on iTunes as soon as I got back in the house…tape decks…good times, good times….

Friday Deep Smarts #4: Cooking, Keeping, Mixing, Musics, and French Patience

Young Liars, Sous Chefs: The Commissioner and I read this and determined we would immediately start doing the same, having the kids cook at least one meal per week. We started on a weekend night (to take the pressure off everyone) and an easy recipe…but the oldest kid felt sick and dropped out after 10 minutes and we soon realized the younger two did not know basic things like: 1) raw chicken is toxic and has to be handled with care; 2) when the recipe says to add an ingredient, you have to make sure you prepped it first; and 3) “tb” = “tablespoon” and “tsp” = “teaspoon” and there is a difference.

Red Barchettas in 1980: This essay on Rush is as earnest as “Distant Early Warning” and as littered with intentional obscurity as anything from ‘2112,’ but is completely worth the <10 minute read (yes, I saw Rush in Germany during the Moving Pictures tour when Nazareth opened for them. My first concert. 32 years ago): “No matter how counterintuitive or ironic things become, throwing on aGrace Under Pressure tour shirt or air-drumming to “YYZ” isn’t likely to impress anyone. How did Rush get there, beyond irony, beyond cool and uncool?”

Abe said, whut?: Since we’re on music, this appreciation of Leonard Cohen is worth walking through, in part because we’re all soaked in Dylan. And we’re all old: “Over the decades, Cohen’s songs have steadily darkened, even as five years in a Zen monastery during the ’90s tempered some of his lifelong depression.” Who wouldn’t want to spend 5 years checked out of emails and IM and work and everything else? In June 1991, Fes, Mike, and I had a kinda-like-that experience.

Oregano, coriander, olive oil: Look at the picture on this and try to resist cooking your own bastardized version of it as soon as you can.

Americans, Soccer, and the English Premiere League: I am still shopping for the right EPL team* (leaning towards Fulham because of Dempsey, but I may need to find an old English friend to steer me in the right direction). In the meantime, these  posts from Deadspin are fantastic for two reasons: 1) short, US-relevant/understandable analysis; and 2) embedded video. I remember many years ago complaining that the best football writing on the web (Bill Simmons and TMQ for a whole, FO after that) were limited by the lack of video. The writers could tell you how incredible the fullback blocking was, but it struck me even then as odd that a quick highlight clip didn’t immediately follow. The technology, it seems, has finally caught up, at least with these posts. And if you skip everything else, watch the David de Gea part of these highlights. The keeper’s save is Ratajczak-like. Eric Lapham – surrender, read these posts, prepare now to talk to your grandchildren.

The Three Red Wines Playdate: way back in 2004, someone gave us this book and it confirmed for The Commissioner and me something we had always thought (separately, though…I am not sure we ever had a discussion on it before we had kids). And that is why this article on French parenting resonates. It’s not just the authority and the understanding the importance of patience – its the mindset that the kids are kids and the adults are adults and not every second of the parents’ lives should revolve around the kids. That mindset is critical. Of course, free preschool and health care and college helps relieve some stress and that probably makes a huge difference, too. But I’ll admit I am going to start demanding more patience out of the Young Liars. And JP – start now.

*my first soccer team remains VfB Stuttgart, but the Bundesliga is still an ESPN3 league, not a US cable tv league.