Triathlon 2010

2010 was the year the new local talent shook things up and Eric Shimp, after a lack-luster performance in 2009, trained excessively and excelled in 2o10.  We also added soccer (as it was a World Cup year) and moved the rock climbing to Newburyport, significantly reducing the driving time.  It was the Year of the Knot, the Sprained Ankle, and the most competitive golf game so far.


1st – Eric Shimp

2nd – Eric Lapham

3rd – Tom McParland

Soccer (exhibition only)

We included the Heffernan, Lapham, and McParland boys as subs and the best player on the pitch, by far, was Drew Lapham.  His father’s team, despite constant mockery of the sport, actually won.  And Owen Heffernan slide tackled Gary and put him out of the rest of the triathlon.  Lapham/Graf/Gundrum – 1st; JP/Gary/Chris Heffernan – 2nd.  The other two teams completely sucked.

Rock Climbing

At MetroRock, everyone spent 30 minutes getting qualified and some decided that was tiring enough.  Shimp – 1st; JP/Lapham – tie for 2nd; Chris Heffernan – 3rd.


We played Ould Newbury in what the gold pro there labeled the “Eric Lapham Charity Event,” or something like that.  More than any other event in the history of the ELL Triathlon. this was the most contentious and competitive contest.  Lapham – 1st; Shimp – 2nd; McParland – 3rd (there was a reason for this, some incredible shot, by I have forgotten it).

Mountain Biking

Year Two at Willowdale and Danno had guiding help from Brecht (and his dog), so we rode for 17 hours.  McParland – 1st (by a huge margin….the guy out-road everyone except the guides and Chris Roy); Lapham – 2nd; Ball – 3rd.


Again, Shimp and Chris Roy were unstoppable.  Completely, ridiculously unstoppable.  Shimp/Roy/Sousa – 1st; JP/Gary*/Chris H – 2nd; Lapham/Graf/Gundrum – 3rd (*Jason Madden replaced Gary)

Pre-race odds:

Overall                                                           Odds (to come in first)

JP (2008 – 1st)                                     20-1 (post-honeymoon rested and ready; new confidence from being married)

Steve Ball (2008 – 2nd)                          50-1 (expected to be over-confident; tawny, with a hint of blackberries and oak)

Danno (2008 –3rd)                                50-1 (needs to overcome “guide” status in climbing and biking)

Heffernan                                            Even (overhung with high expectations)

Eric Shimp                                            2-1 (few racers have the ability to learn from experience and past mistakes)

Steve Otto (2009 – 2nd)                          20-1 (needs to excel in climbing and golf to get on the podium again)

Chris Doyle                                          2-1 (as in 2009, it all comes down to golf…and maybe hoops…plus a huge effort on the rocks)

Mike Graf                                            10-1 (beats expectations ion climbing and biking and these odds get tighter)

Chris Roy                                             50-1 (2009: “with two DNP, would need two 1st places and scattershots from everyone else”; 2010: same)

Mark Olson (2009 – 1st)                          200-1 (if you don’t display, you don’t repeat)

Eric Gundrum (2009 – 3rd)                     100-1 (1 1st place finish in 2009, unlikely to repeat in 2010)

Cavanaugh                                           2-1 (this is both a three-man race and an old-man’s race….so who you got??)

Big Daddy                                            300-1 (he wins straight up at golf, he gets the overall…no debate)

Chris Heffernan                                     100-1 (how many titles does Iverson have?)

Todd Hinnen (rookie)                              4-2 (rookies have won two years straight…best new athlete in the race, although expectations are high)

Eric Lapham (rookie)                              10-1 (here is your mega-money dark horse.  Townie…wrestler…huge potential)

Jon Bull (rookie)                                    100-1 (gotta play to win)

Tom Clavin (rookie)                               4-2 (he shows up and races, he wins, no question)

David Fetter (rookie)                              5-2 (age, experience, wisdom…..and years of playing rugby in Australia)


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