ELLT 2012 Event Preview: Rock Climbing

We’re climbing on Friday morning, after soccer, probably have the first racer roped in and climbing by 9:45…ok,maybe more like 10:15, with the last climb around 12:30.

This was the description of last year’s climbIn previous years, Rock Climbing has been the toughest stage to coordinate and score. We’ve needed good weather, good luck, and/or the right kind of people at the rock gym. This year we got what we needed for coordination — patience from the MetroRock staff and the gym all to ourselves. We also got what we needed for scoring – a clear winner and a climb only three people managed to complete. And with experience now, everyone is more relaxed about the climbing — and much much better. In the 2+ hours we were on the rocks, just about everyone did plenty of climbing and no one, as far as I could tell, slept or puked through the stage.

I’m anticipating more of the same this time, but even more climbing and less lolly-gagging. I also anticipate that seven or eight times over the weekend I am going to talk about how we need to climb outside again in 2013. But what I really hope to see is another finger-crushing route that only three people can master…at least we know we’re all going to look really cool.




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