ELLT 2012 – Soccer

Once again, the East Luray Liars Triathlon started with an exhibition soccer stage, with teams determined by The Commissioner. After some necessary penalty kick  warm-ups and taunts,

the match got underway, with the Red/Blue team’s 4th goal marking the end of the first half (with the score 4-3). Overall, the level of play was considerably better than years past, as evidenced by this video.

In the second half, both teams adjusted strategeries, with the Red/Blue team changing goalies and the White team changing the way they shot the ball. The Red/Blue team brought Jason Madden from keeper to midfielder and he scored twice in the second half (including a squeaker to the low post that had the graceful trajectory of a knuckle ball). In contrast, the White team decided to aim most of their second-half shots directly at the goalie. Eric Marshall, defending the Red/Blue goal, made some Tuukka Raskian saves, but he was also gifted a few inexplicable shots, including on a 4-against-only-the-goalie breakaway.

After a total of about 50 minutes playing time and roughly 3 miles of running, the final score was 9-5 Red/Blue team, a misleadingly lopsided result after a good match. Most importantly, soccer sweated all of The Knot and other evils out of us before rock climbing.

and, yeah, the shoes made all the difference


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