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ELLT 2018

ok, it’s time….let’s start planning thinking getting ready for ELLT 2018 — first up, who’s in?


ELLT Pic of the Day #11

this absolutely is why we play basketball

ELLT 2017 Hoops JP and Patrick


ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #6

the prologue stage always includes this feeding station

JP Kappys

ELLT 2017 Pic of th Day #5.5 (with commentary)

Pretty sure this sums up the entire weekend: “At chiropractor, who was amazed at how compacted my neck vertebrae were after the weekend. He said what’d you do? After explaining the events he said “it’s the mountain bike.” He asked who’s idea was it? I said “a guy named Danno”. “Well, tell him he sucks””

2017 Triathlon

More pictures coming 


We’re going to eat well this year 


Champion, always

Marshall June 2017 ELLT