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ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #18

Rock climbing winners — not the best picture and a reminder to take more pictures and video during the actual climbing

ELLT 2017 Rock climbing winners


ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #17

appropriately, the 2017 overall champions

ELLT 2017 winners champions 1 2 3

ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #16

going to use some of these to create the 3rd place overall trophy….coming soon

ELLT 2017 golf ball

ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #15

not during the Triathlon, but a good picture of beer

NBPT beer in NBPT

ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #14

this one should have been #10 as its the two guys who’ve done every event for ten straight years and The Commissioner who’s made sure it all happens

ELLT 2017 Post race every year 10 years

ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #13

basketball, at the school, hoping we’re back on Adams Lane next year — and look at the soon-to-be-champions, resting and looking tired, a lot more hoops to come

ELLT 2017 Hoops on the bench

ELLT 2017 Pic of the Day #12

excellent soccer shot (thanks, Maeve) that was either a goal or a near miss

ELLT 2017 soccer mess of players