ELLT 2017 Golf

ELLT 2017 Golf all

New format this year and a welcome reprieve for the majority of the racers who tolerate-or-hate golf. Looking back, I don’t think the scramble format we played was invented in 2016, so I kind of think if Lapham hadn’t spent all his energy pointlessly lobbying for flag football and Shimp hadn’t been over-Machiavelli’i’ing the whole weekend, we could have switched sooner and blessed us all with the joy of not caring much about golf. And the picture below proves golf is lazy crap.

ELLT 2017 Golf proof golf is crap

Of course, the bitching didn’t stop just because we found a better format. The Commissioner and I agreed every foursome would have to use two tee shots from each player (and three from one), which seems reasonably difficult considering this is a triathlon and not the Del Boca Vista Friday Morning Golf League. So, just some quick reminders to the golfers among the East Luray Liars: we climb indoor, not outside; we play hoops on the nearest court, no matter how crappy; and, we ride bikes from the 1990s. And this particular course, I like quite a lot.

ELLT 2017 Golf Greg and the ocean

Back to Cape Ann (after a disaster year at Sagamore) and foursomes ideally constructed to pair talent with crap.

ELLT 2017 Golf Leo and Greg

In all, three of the five foursome finished 4-over, and the winning round, anchored by Gus and inspired by Golden, shot a 3-under for the win. Greg had the best shot of the day, a 20 foot chip into the hole. I had the best putt, just saying….oh, and Danno sucks, which I may have failed to mention in recent posts.


Have to admit I am already looking forward to next year (and next week, when I hope to go back to Cape Ann)

ELLT 2017 Golf close




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