2 Days and a wake-up: Race Schedule

Ok, we’re close to all the logistics and details worked out, so here is the 2016 ELLT Race Schedule, with commentary:

Thursday, July 28: 9 out-of-town racers arrive throughout the day. The Commissioner has requested lunch with the Lovells, JP, Eric Shimp and anyone else who makes it by 12:30. Courtyard. I think She thinks she’ll help out the field by slowing down JP and Eric with roast beasts.

Thursday evening: casual dinner as the rest of the roadies arrive, followed by the Prologue Stage, to include The Knot. All locals welcome, of course, lovely brides, too.


Friday, July 29

0715 Depart Adams Lane

(you’ll need 2 soccer shirts, cleats if you have them, clothes for climbing, clothes for golf, and probably a clean shirt for after all the golf is done)

0800 Prelim Stage: Soccer (see teams here). Cannot say this enough – bring blue and white shirts, no matter which team you’re on.

0930 Depart Central Street Fields for MetroRock, via Dunkin Donuts

1000 Stage 1: Rock Climbing (at MetroRock, the usual set-up). The lovely staff there offered to advise on the different methods of scoring, but I like the system we have. You climb something no one else can climb, you win. The next best climb is 2nd place. Most-exceeds expectations gets third. Bitching about the scoring hurts you. Sitting next to the Race Director over lunch and feeding him beer and stories about your climbing helps you.

1230 Lunch, Flatbreads, Hampton NH – not Amesbury, but more convenient for golf and large enough to fit us all.

1530 Stage 2: Golf at Sagamore (see foursomes here). Again, a few words on scoring. You play you own ball throughout, you keep an honest score, the lowest score wins. Second place goes to the second lowest score and third place goes to the player with the best single shot or the most-exceeded expectations. Side bets at your own risk.

1830 Stage 2 (continued) Golf at Smuttynose (same foursomes). Some racers have agitated for 18 holes of golf – now you get ’em.

2000 Dinner at Hayseed

Saturday July 30

0730 Depart Adams Lane for Rowley-Georgetown

0830 Stage 3: Mountain Biking Group Ride – led by Danno

1100 Stage 3: Time Trial – reverse order of previous finishes, with rookies starting – want to see the order, look in The Book. Same rules as always – you can ride any bike you want for the time trial and Danno has to beat the next best time by 2 minutes to win overall

1230 Lunch, Ipswich Brewery

1500 Stage 4: Basketball (teams subject to revision, but basically set). Two pools of three teams each, with a wild card team, if needed. Pool games are to 7 by 1, losers, pass-off-the-check, win by 2, first to 11. Playoff games are to 9 by 1, losers, p-o-t-c, win by 2, first to 15.

1800 Feast and Closing Ceremonies

by my count, we have 13 racers competing for the overall (odds here)





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