One week and a wake-up

The 2016 East Luray Liars Triathlon is a week away, with the prologue stage starting the moment the first racer arrives at Logan. In the next week, I will post the kids’ predictions, the odds, and as many racer profiles as I can get to. We have three rookies this year, all sons of racers and all under 20. We also have 6 returning champions, which means nearly half of the overall contenders are looking to repeat.

Same format as years past, with one exception – we will; be playing a round of frisbee golf before beers on Friday night. Unless The Commissioner changes the rules, scores in this second round will count only against racers who bitch and moan the most.

This is the 9th annual – so come prepared to win, because next year I expect the field will be at least 50% larger and the competition that much tougher (welcoming back Ben Moeling and Steve Schukraft in 2017 will eliminate everyone else from mountain biking. If Greg Golden makes it in 2017, the Knot during the Prologue stage will only be the beginning).

One week and a wake-up

Danno gets ready to compete


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