ELLT 2015 Pic of the Day – what we’re not doing


I rode Exeter with Danno today. We will not be riding Exeter for the triahtlon. If I had kept a running diary, it would have been something like this:

 — great downhill start, will make everyone feel like BMX riders

— ok, that climb lasted forever, but there will be a pay-off. And this will immediately separate the guys who trained from the rest

— so what are the pros and cons to riding here — compared to Willowdale, guys will feel like they accomplished something after they finish

[[first of countless bridges over swamps, streams, and next to a cliff]]

— guys will gain more confidence riding bridges, riding all this technical stuff

[[fifth or sixth time off the bike, pushing up an impossible granite-plus-roots hill or even down an impossible similar hill]]

— this ride will break people. This ride will completely ruin some guys for basketball

— no more deja vu, we’ve been to Willowdale or Stratham before – this is so much harder

— I have been in granny-gear this entire time

[[stop with Danno and he laughs, says we’re not quite halfway done]]

— this will absolutely cook people. They’re going to be cursing Danno and cursing me. Some guys might skip the time trial after this

— the only smooth sections of trail are the bridges and some are easily 40 yards long

[[after one of the best sections of trail I have ever been on]]

— so worth it. Even the brutal climb to get to that. So worth it

[[after nearly falling off a steep drop/cliff and being forced to walk even level stretches that were simply impossible to ride]]

— someone is going to get hurt. Hopefully not badly. But this is crazy hard riding. And I’ve been off the bike more times than I can count now

[[over the handle bars, bike lands on top of me…on a non-descript, but steep, downhill stretch. No damage, other than a bruised ego and a cut leg]]

— that sucked, and I wasn’t going fast, wasn’t on the hard stuff….holy crap this may be too tough

[[crossing a potentially alligator-infested swamp on a bridge straight out of Indiana Jones]]

— guys are going to hate this. Its going to stop being a good challenging ride and start becoming just crap

And in the parking lot after, Danno and I agreed – too technical, too much granite, far too high a risk of serious injury. We’ve been lucky to have had so few problems on the bikes, maybe in part because we’ve been smart. Danno and I will scout out some potential new time trial courses at Stratham and a new area not far from Willowdale. And we’ll make the group ride long and difficult, without being crazy-technical and crazy-risky.


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