ELLT 2015 Hoops teams – updated

first time we’ve ever had a draft – highly successful. Enjoy your teams and take your complaints to The Commissioner

Update, June 30: and we already have a scratch – Greg Golden, out due to an injury, and replaced on Team 4 by Chris Heffernan

Team 1: JP, Mike Graf, Steve Schukraft


Team 2: Danno, Eric Lapham, Dave Fetter

Danno St Paddy 2012

Team 3: Eric Marshall, Jason Madden, Tom Gustafson

ELLT 2013 After Party Marshall

Team 4: Eric Shimp, Chris Doyle, Greg Golden,
Chris Heffernan

Number 89 New York Jets

Team 5: Steve Otto, Gary Cavanaugh, Max Madden


Team 6: Patrick, Steve Ball, Peter Zaimes

ELLT 2012 Hoops 4 Steve Ball


ELLT 2012 Hoops Chris Chris Jason rugby


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