ELLT 2015 – Hoops Draft

This year’s hoops teams will be determined by a draft – sort of. Six “captains” will pick one teammate and then the Race Director and Commissioner will split up the remaining players to balance the teams. We’re also going with “pool” play, cutting the total number of games down to 9 and introducing another opportunity for bitching about the selection process.

So Sunday night, Father’s Day, the following “captains” will draft in the following order: JP (2 time overall champion), Danno (previous overall champion and co-founder), Eric Marshall (2014 overall champion), Eric Shimp (2010 overall champion and most 1st place hoops medals), Steve Otto (2012 overall champion), and the Race Director (a couple 1st place finishes in hoops).

By Sunday night, we will have the teams set.

Shimp ELLT 2014 hoopsELLT 2013 Hoops MVPsELLT 2013 Hoops TipoffELLT 2012 Hoops Chris Chris Jason rugbyELLT 2009 Hoops the Steves play tightDSC06593


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