ELLT 2015 Soccer Teams

with the Womens World Cup in full swing, now seems like the right time to roll out the soccer teams for ELLT 2015 — understanding, of course, that these line-ups may change because, 1) racers drop; 2) racers join; 3) The Commissioner says so

As of now, this is Team White: JP, Graf, Ball, Otto, Golden, Marshall, and McParland — size, hockey smarts, guys named Steve

And this is Team Blue: Doyle, Schukraft, Lapham, Shimp, Heffernan, Gus, Zaimes, and Fetter — stamina, wisdom, guys named Eric

Goalies will be Owen Heffernan and Ben Hall, provided they’re available and their mothers say its ok.

Of course, no soccer post would be complete without video and pictures

20110729-092417 ellt-2013-soccer-ball ellt-2013-soccer-graf-lapham-3 ellt-2013-soccer-otto



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