ELLT 2014 – Racer Snapshots – The Domestiques

Every year a few racers can’t make it for all five stages, but they play a substantial part in a successful triathlon…they are the domestiques of the ELLT.

Eric Lapham, 2nd Overall 2010: Although he will miss his favorite stage (soccer), his least favorite (rock climbing), and his toughest (hoops), Eric will likely tear up Willowdale on his Tomato and will torch the field in golf. And he will remind us on Thursday night that he considers the scoring system to be fake and rigged. And he will remind us on Friday morning and lunchtime and afternoon of the same. He will also lobby The Commissioner for flag football in 2015. He won’t succeed, but Eric does always bring a bulldog competitiveness to the ELLT (and when we play rugby sevens in 2015, I will stack the teams and have him on my side).

ELLT 2012 Rock Climbing LaphamELLT 2012 Soccer Eric L penalty kick012DSC06623

Chris Heffernan, 2008 mountain biking bronze medalist: After years of dabbling in the different stages, including outdoor rock climbing and the toughest mountain bike trails evah, Chris has settled into what he does best – hoops. The pictures below say it all (including that he does have a decent golf game, when he plays).

ELLT 2012 Hoops Chris Chris Jason rugbyELLT 2012 Hoops Chris and FesELLT 2012 Golf Chris H




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