ELLT 2014 – Racer Snapshots – The Contenders, Part 1: Graf, Doyle, Marshall, Schukraft

We’re fielding a larger-than-average CG field this year, which means the previous winners, although not battling expectations, will be battling long odds.

Mike Graf, 2013 2nd Place overall: Every year, Maeve predicts “Me-Mike” will win the triathlon and in 2013 she was painfully close to correct. Mike’s hoops team won it all, in no small part to his monstah inside game. On the rocks, Mike scored a surprising 3rd, proving perhaps that nothing succeeds more than persistance (and height). Here is the thing that truly separates Me-Mike from all but one other racer – he has competed in every event, every year, every ELLT. He has medaled on the rocks, in hoops, in golf…and no one wears a bike helmet better.

ELLT 2008 Mike ready to rideELLT 2010 Hoops Lapham Chris Grafiron menELLT 2011 Post Race Grafok, one more thing…..

ELLT 2011 Post Race Big Daddy and GRafMike Graf and Big Daddy

transition time


Chris Doyle, 2013 Third Place Overall: sweet Abraham Lincoln’s mother, no one comes into this race with more heart and raw determination….to enjoy the weekend. I think Fes was truly deeply surprised last year to come in third. He was on the winning basketball team and pulled down a 3rd in golf. And he brought, as he does every year, the perfect mixture of competiveness and what-the-hell-Patrick-is-making-all-this-up that makes the triathlon work. But looking through The Book, Fes came in 2nd in mountain biking in 2008, the year we rode Exeter (for everyone who missed that year, Exeter is so brutally technical we have never been back). At Willowdale the following year, Chris came in 1st, despite riding a 1992 no-shocks Trek. No one brings more heart.

ELLT 2009 Doyle showing 1st place mountain biking formDSC05067DSC04897minklogosmallELLT 2012 Hoops Chris and Fesrugby three

Eric Marshall, 2012 3rd Place Overall: If there is a combination I did not anticipate when we created this triathlon in 2008, it was the golf-skilled hockey player (because, of course, I consider the beginning of Happy Gilmore to be a documentary and the second half to be farce). Eric has battled crappy golf foursomes, less-than-stellar hoops teammates, and the lack of a proper damn mountain bike (which is his own fault…this year a racer from Florida is bringing his own ride, so the locals have no excuse for not being better prepared). For all of us, I think Eric defining moment was donning his hockey helmet in the driveway before mountain biking. (for those who watched him crush their golf dreams by obliterating them on the course, well, yeah, good luck this year)

ELLT 2012 Mountain Biking MarshallELLT 2013 After Party MarshallELLT 2012 Soccer Eric M penalty kick 2ELLT 2011 Post Race Eric MELLT 2011 Ben and Eric M get ready for hoopsEric Marshall and turtles

Steve Schukraft, 3rd Overall 2011: Steve combines Chris Doyle’s mountain biking skills with Danno’s soccer skills (the good skills, not these skills). Steve combines Mike Graf’s Thursday night zen and Steve  Ball’s earnestness at hoops. Steve is the racer who will listen to the Beastie Boys on the way to golf and then play a round exactly the way Adam Yauch would.

ELLT 2012 Mountain Biking SchukraftELLT 2011 Post Race Steve S 3rd overallschukraft training 2012New Years 2010 Steve and a book



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