ELLT 2014 Golf

We’re returning to Rowley, sticking with this year’s Stay Local theme. Below are the foursomes…and the usual rules and explanations:

  • foursome are subject to change because someone is delayed picking up beer, someone is delayed picking up cigars, someone threw their clubs into the wrong cart, someone can’t walk after mountain biking.
  • everyone plays their own damn ball
  • scoring is based on the simplistic basic fundamental rules – how many strokes, adjusted upwards as needed (ball goes in the water, ball lost in the woods, ball hits someone else’s cart and bounces into the water, ball is unplayable because it is unfindable)
  • scoring is individual, not by foursome
  • using your wedge as a putter is considerate and recommended

ELLT 2011 golf Tom McPThe foursomes – again, subject to change, so save your complaints for The Commissioner

Group One: Lapham, Marshall, Gus, Shimp

Group Two: Otto, Cavanaugh, Lovell, JP

Group Three: Danno, Schukraft, Sharma, Gundrum

Group Four: Graf, Doyle, Roy, Ball

ELLT 2009 Shimp golfELLT 2008 Danno in the sand trapBig Daddy's clubs in the garage



One response to “ELLT 2014 Golf

  1. Lapham and Shimp sharing a cart…that’s how it must be!

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