ELLT 2014 – Rookie Racer Profile (2)

We have two rookie GC racers this year, a local and a roadie. Tom Lovell will be flying in from Lexington, Virginia, where he sometimes coaches rugby, sometimes brews beer, and full-time enjoys the simple pleasures of living in a small town, the same town he went to college in. As a former rugby player, Tom’s participation in the ELLT tips the scales in favor of rugby over hockey and guarantees ELLT 2015 will have a Sevens stage.

And although they haven’t met, special guest writer Eric S already has some thoughts about the ELLT rookie: I don’t know anything about this man, Lovell, save that he was a rugby player in college. Based on my experience of attending multiple Hong Kong Sevens tournaments, this likely means he fits one of two profiles. Either a fast and furious Samoan behemoth who could challenge the demon hordes of hell with nothing more than a smirk and a rusty spoon; or a broad-keeled, middle aged Brit stuffed with meat pies and drunk on endless pitchers of Pimms Cups. Either way, lord help us if he starts singing. So there you are. Good times.

And, yeah, and Tom is from Ohio. Of course.


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