ELLT 2014 – Rookie Racer Profile (1)

ELLT 2014 features the debut of a couple of new racers, one of whom will join the triathlon in mid-stream. Amit Sharma will miss the bike leg due to travel constraints, and so will make his ELLT debut on the links at Rowley, Friday afternoon. It remains to be seen whether the blend of skills he gained as a professional polo player will translate to the golf course, but we anticipate an aggressive, slashing style of golf featuring scything, one-handed long irons. Besides a lifetime spent on horseback, Amit is at once an international man of mystery and New England gentleman farmer. While his early career was spent in the global fight against terrorist financing at the US Treasury, and further tarnished by a stint on Wall Street, Amit has gained remove from the corporate trenches in pursuit of what some may call professional do goodism. Among his more recent ventures, he has set his capable hand to small batch distilling at his Vermont home. We understand his training regimen consists of long uphill runs in the Vermont countryside while lugging bushels of apples destined for the press, the fermenting barrel, and the bottle. Even considering his absence from the bike, Amit’s competitive spirit, fighting trim and relative youth make him an immediate threat to medal in the final four events of the weekend (excluding Antiquing with Steve Ball, which remains an exhibition event in every meaning of the word.)

(many thanks to guest-writer Eric S)


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