ELLT 2014 – Taking shape


As this year’s triathlon comes together, a critical question, as it has been every year since Gary Cavanaugh bolted for a Springsteen concert after one game, is the who plays on which basketball team. Hickory deserves a chance to defend their championship, so JP, Mike, and Chris are set. The second place team in 2013 – Bill Dow’s Byfield Newbury Allstars – will be missing Eric Lapham and man-of-the-match Jason Madden, leaving Gus as the most eligible free agent on the market.

As always, I am open to suggestions, bribes, and blackmail.


ELLT 2013 Basketball Gary shooting


One response to “ELLT 2014 – Taking shape

  1. Not quite text book form on that shot. The box-out on the other hand…

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