Snow Day Working-From-Home “RA”-shuffle Playlist

here we go again. Working from home on a snow-bound day and hit shuffle on the “Recently Added” playlist. So until the kids come in from making Calvin & Hobbesian snowmen, we have the following:

The Allman Brothers, “Whipping Post” – heard this on the radio recently and could not stop singing it. Disappointed to learn it wasn’t already in my iTunes account. And, yes, still gets stuck in my head for days.

Sky Ferreira, “24 Hours” – pop, mid-tempo, drumtacked bleh, forgetable in less than 24 seconds. Free single of the week, by the way.

Arcade Fire, “Reflektor” – just not doing much for me. Too much earnest-ness and dirge.

Lou Reed, “White Light/White Heat” — when someone half-complains Lou Reed’s songs all sound the same (Dirty Blvd, Romeo & Juliet, and on), play this. I need to search for some good covers of this and really wish we had played this when I was in college. Great loud jamming crashing song. And yes, the five-year-old hanging out here today is dancing around like crazy.

Rizzle Kicks, “Skip to the Good Bit” – heavily sampling of EMF’s “Unbelievable” and some dumb-with-a-capital-D lyrics. Pure suck.

The Black Crowes, “Jealous Again” — I ain’t afraid of ever losing faith in you….with that cool guitar-only break, vocals carrying into big loud crescendo chorus. Good stuff.

Tori Kelly, “Dear No One” — the four girls in the room love this. In the middle of listening to it I have already forgotten it.

The Royal Concept, “We Are One” – modern pop amthems seem shallower than the rock/pop anthems of my high school days…that is, until I think about “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

Craig Taborn Trio, “Beat the Ground” — complex and hammering thundering jazz is right for every afternoon. Good song, but not the right time for it.

Dave Holland Quartet, “Black Hole” — just not a jazz kind of day, and that is no reflection on my love/hate for jazz.

Phoenix, “Lisztomania” — pop crap. The kids really do have lousy taste. Peppy, jumpy, Vampire Weekend-like cuts and jabs, but soulless.

Madeon, “Finale” — a drum machine, scaling keyboards, chanting lyrics, and lots of “ohh ooh ohh”s do not make a good song. Yes, the 16 year old who downloaded this just commented on how much he liked it. Bleh.

Smallpools, “Dreaming” — Justin Bieber’s untalented little brother. At this point, I am hoping I accidently donwloaded some Billy Joel and it comes on next.

James Gang, “Funk #49” – the old guys didn’t rely on repetitive, bland keyboard riffs to drive a song…and, man, what a huge difference.

G. Love & Special Sauce, “Cold Beverage” — every day, baby….every day. Uh huh.

Matt and Kim, “Daylight” — this may be the most repetitive song played today.

Lou Reed, “Romeo Had Juliette” — if I looked at the liner notes and saw that Keith Richards played guitar on this, I wouldn’t be surprised. A kind of Exile on Main Street sound, in a weird way, once you stop listening to the vocals.

The Gourds, “Lower 48” — a Steve Ball recommendation and good stuff, as always. Rolicking good sound.

State Radio, “Bohemian Grove” — weak reggae. Where the hell do I get this music from? Ok, maybe not complete weak, but nothing special.

The Devil Makes Three, “Old Number Seven” – good reminder Jack Daniels is Tennessee Whiskey, not bourbon.

The J Geils Band, “Musta Got Lost” — one of those songs that strangely depends on the piano to make it perfect. And it is pretty much a perfect song. And makes me want to get a piano for the house.

Blue Oyster Cult, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” — fitting this is the last song in the shuffle as it was the last song I listened to on New Years Eve and I couldn’t stop singing it while cleaning the kitchen. Simple, solid, and plenty of cowbell.


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