Music that doesn’t suck — All Songs Shuffle

following up last week’s working-from-home post on Recently Added music, going today — while working from home — with full-on random shuffle of all ++++ songs.

Nirvana, “Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam” – (MTV Unplugged in New York) I know I am supposed to like Nirvana more than Pearl Jam, but this sounds like Eddie Vedder’s solo album for the movie where the guy goes off in to the Alaskan wilderness, so maybe this was 20 years ahead of its time and maybe that means I should like Nirvana more, but whatever. I didn’t even know I had this in my iTunes account and the more I listen the more it sounds like REM at Mountain Stage, without the tamborine (and cowbell).

Dropkick Murphys, “Heroes From Our Past” – (from the Live on St Patricks Day album) Clash-like guitars, with Pogues-like lyrics and singing…could there be anything derivative that could be better?

The Spencer Davis Group, “Somebody Help Me” – the Austin Powers movies basically destroyed this entire genre. And look at these guys. They were Poison before Posion.


Bill Withers, “Ain’t No Sunshine” – this song is barely over two minutes and its got more in it than almost anything else released in 1971.

Macy Gray, “Harry” – she is the Axl Rose of whatever that style is. Which isn’t a bad thing, at all.

Hollis Brown, “Faith & Love” – The Rolling Stones and the Black Crowes meet in a bar and Tom Petty agrees to sing lead vocals (sending the other two front-men off to scour the talent)…such good stuff.

The Fables, “Heave Away” – and now I am ready for St Patrick’s Day or a Guinness or a whiskey. Like bluegrass, Irish music is simply good for the soul.

The Devil Makes Three, “Black Irish” – my iTunes account thinks its March 13th, 2 days before St Patricks Day

The Fratellis, “Baby Fratelli” – I had no idea I had this song. Kind of a cool Vampire Weekend-like thing. Apparently Scottish. Fantastic mid-song break and riff. Huh….this just moved into heavier rotation.

Wombats, “Moving to New York” – quickly in and out the ears, really nothing

Derek Aramburu, “Cool Fall Days” – friend of a friend singer-songwriter with Maine-soaked lyrics and a sound just a fade too much like James Taylor for my deep liking, but certainly good enough to listen to. Of course, on the day the weather shifts from cool fall days to crap-its-going-to-be-a-cold-winter, this song sounds a little off.

Van Halen, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” – loud, stupid, repetitive, and perfect.

Dropkick Murphys, “Good Rats” – again, we’re getting ready for St Paddy’s Day. And this is the song I used to sing to my lovely daughter when she was so little. “C’mon all you good rats, we’ll send you to heaven…”

Great American Taxi, “Radiation Blues” – gritty. Put these guys with Devil Makes Three and you’d have a quarry-full of dirt.

The Clash, “Look Here” – as much as I love these guys, they did have some weird stuff. This sounds like the Stray Cats warming up.

Blind Faith, “Can’t Find My Way Home” – essential.

Fun. “We Are Young” – yeah, ok, lovely. I don’t ever think to add this to a playlist.

Jack Teagarden, Basin Street Blues” – love me some mid-afternoon jazz.


2 responses to “Music that doesn’t suck — All Songs Shuffle

  1. Baby Fratelli? Didn’t know you liked [Columbus-approved] UK punk alt pop!

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