Lagunitas Maximus, Crystal Palace, and the NFL

2_35361126_3Yes, I will be raising a glass of L-M-Happiness this evening as the NFL season kicks off, marking the occasion with more interest and excitement than the start of the MLS season, but about the same level of giddy anticipation from a few weeks ago when the Premier League got underway. With every successive NFL off-season, I lose a little of the passion I used to have for the game. After one season of coaching Pop Warner, I used to deeply miss being on the sidelines. Now I don’t. And after years of running and playing in fantasy football leagues, I joined the water cooler chatter yesterday (yes, I seriously advised one young analyst to draft Priest Holmes, which got some laughter and nods from the older folks), but I didn’t jump into the pool. And I stopped reading every single word and comment published by the Football Outsiders, guys I considered gods for a few years.

No, Saturday and Sunday morning Premier League games aren’t going to replace Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings watching the NFL. But I did watch most of the Crystal Palace-Sunderland match last Saturday and I will be watching all three kids play soccer over the weekend.

So, here’s to a good NFL season, may the Patriots win it all, may the Jets suck and the Giants suck worse, may the Ravens suck most of all. And if nothing else, we get this.

Number 89 New York Jets


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