ELLT 2013 – some post-race thoughts

First, thanks again to everyone who competed in all the stages or just some. I am always a little amazed on Saturday night when I realize just how many guys gave up most of a long weekend to play some sports they would never play if they weren’t involved in this.

Second, special appreciation for the 7 out-of-towners and Danno, Brecht, and Jason for doing all five events (no one made it out the door for Antiquing with Steve Ball, not even Steve Ball). I know its a huge commitment and I appreciate it.

Third, please keep sending suggestions for ways to make the entire weekend better. I know a few changes we’re definitely going to make, based on what I heard this year — we will play golf someplace other than Amesbury; we will bike someplace other than Stratham Hill; and I will take a poll on what kind of beer to get in the keg.

Again, thanks for coming, thanks for racing…I am that special kind of sore and exhausted today that I feel every year on the Monday after the ELLT.



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