ELLT 2013 – Soccer and Basketball Update

With some changes in the race line-up since we first set the soccer and basketball teams, we’ve had to reconfigure a little bit. As it stands now — as with everything, this is subject to change up to and during the triathlon — these are the teams:

Soccer (in white): Steve, Steve, Steve, Eric S, Eric L, Eric G, Patrick

Soccer (in blue): Mike, Chris, JP, Gary, Danno, Jason, John, Brecht

Goalies (to switch teams at the half): Drew Lapham and Leo Heffernan

Yes, that is 7 v 8, but I have faith the Steverics+one can hold their own. We’ll just considered Eric Marshall to have been red-carded in the opening minute.


Hoosiers: JP, Mike, Chris Doyle

Cubed: Steve, Steve, Steve

Trek: Danno, John, Brecht

Styx: Eric S, Eric M, Gary

Bill Dow’s Little League All Stars: Eric L, Gus, Jason

Guinness: Heffernan, Heffernan, McParland

Opening game is Guinness v Styx….

One day and a wake-up

ELLT 2011 post-race everyone



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