ELLT 2013 – 10 Days and a Wake-up

Greenheads are gone (thanks to the full moon) and the weather has come down from 95-and-feels-like-100-plus-humidity to a reasonable 75. Just to run down the schedule one more time (since we’ve got a few things firmed up):

Thursday evening: dinner and drinks at ELLT HQ, to include Mr. Tom and The Knot

Friday, 0730: soccer, Central Street fields, Byfield (Newbury)

Friday, 1000: rock-climbing, MetroRock, Newburyport

Friday, 1230: lunch at Flatbreads, Amesbury

Friday, 1500: first foursome tees off at Amesbury CC

Saturday, 0800: Mountain biking at Stratham Hill

Saturday, 1230: lunch at Red Hook

Saturday, 1430: first two teams tip-off for basketball

Saturday, 1900: closing ceremonies

Sunday, 0800: Antiquing with Steve Ball




2 responses to “ELLT 2013 – 10 Days and a Wake-up

  1. there will be an actual tip-off to start basketball?? Great, here comes the wambulance (Laphambulance sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it?).

    • “Laphambulance” has echoes of “bedlam,” which seems fitting. But, sadly, the schedule as it stands now has Team Guinness playing Team Styx in the first game, so the ceremonial tip-off will be between Tom “Vertigo Isn’t Vertical” McParland and Gary “This Is My Basketball Hoop, Damnit” Cavanaugh

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