ELLT Soccer 2013 – Teams reshuffle redux


Once again, we’re faced with uncertain soccer numbers from the local side, forcing a reshuffling of teams to ensure at least an even number on each team. Last year, The Commissioner made a Wednesday night decision on the teams, but this year I am opening the bidding early — suggest matchups, using the following misfit pieces (with the standard ELLT caveats):

Steve, Steve, Steve, Eric S, Mike, Chris D, JP, Race Director, Eric L, Eric G, Eric M, and Gary.

Early thoughts: 3 Steves and 3 Erics v the rest…

ELLT 2012 Soccer Eric M penalty kick 2


2 responses to “ELLT Soccer 2013 – Teams reshuffle redux

  1. If you have to pick 3 Erics, I’d say make sure one of them is Shimp. Would love to see Graf and him battle in the air for some headers!

  2. I’m all in for Steves & E’s vs the rest. And the unintentional comedic value of Graf/Shimp “leaping” for anything might be off the charts

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