Fat Tuesday, Lent, and Gettysburg

Today I am going to make either hurricanes or mint juleps, depending on what I have on hand or can grab easily. I’ll watch the State of the Union address and celebrate my own personal state of fatness and Tuesdayness and union-ness and all the rest.

Tomorrow, I’ll start reading (for the second or third time) Garry Wills’ “Lincoln at Gettysburg” and will follow up that up, before the end of Lent, with a rereading of Shelby Foote’s “Stars in their Courses.” The Wills book is an extended essay on the better angels of our nature and the possibility of the US (as well as an appreciation for Lincoln’s exceptional wisdom). Foote’s book is a reminder that fate, even more so than hubris or folly, determines all outcomes. For some reason, I have always associated Gettysburg with Easter (although I know the battle took place in July) and my Lenten obligation is going to be rereading these two books.

Tonight, though, let the good times roll…..

Bourbon street


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