Friday Deep Smarts: Polls and Pols and Poles

First, if you missed the rant on Rush, the short version is that Rush probably still isn’t as good as they were, but when they were good, they were awesome (and more like Spinal Tap than I’d remembered)…and one die-hard “Power Windows” fan now wants to meet me for fisticuffs….

Second, if you missed the Rise and Fall of British Seapower, the short version is that novelists usually make crappy political analysts….

Third, we had election poll of all the East Luray Liars and learned a few things: 1) this group is almost perfectly evenly divided on this election, which isn’t too surprising given the diversity of backgrounds and opinions; 2) 27% of the Liars wish Eric Shimp would move to Iowa and run for office, while 20% want to see Chris Heffernan on the Libertarian ticket in New Hampshire; and 3) I am never opening up the decision-making around the ELLT to full democracy (the wankah who thought Romney would medal in mountain biking took away voting rights from everyone).

Speaking of polls, stats, and analysis: this long read on baseball-stat-geek-turned-NYTimes-poll-star is worth every minute. Keep this in mind if you hear someone knocking polling or statistical analysis:  “Just like their colleagues in the sports section, the political pundits see the wrong kind of uncertainty in Nate Silver. They associate statistics with mathematical proof, as if a confidence interval were the same thing as the Pythagorean Theorem. Silver isn’t more sure of himself than his detractors, but he’s more rigorous about demonstrating his uncertainty. He’s bad news for the worst members of the punditry, who obscure the truth so their own ignorance looks better by comparison and who make their money on the margin of uncertainty, too.”

Since we’re on Deadspin and with the NBA season starting, an early appreciation for what Harden and Lin will become…(the video is a nice example of smooth hoops and the writing is just as flawless: ““I keep thinking about those three guys with their arms around each other,” Bill Simmons wrote in the aftermath of the deal that broke up the Harden-Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook trio, sounding like someone weeping into his People magazine over a celebrity divorce.”)

Picture break

I am going to use this picture next week when I start coaching the 7th grade boys travel basketball team. “Gentlemen, this is how you box out.”

I wish I had more deep thoughts, but I’ve spent too much time this week arguing politics on Facebook and looking at Dribble-Drive-Motion plays (and working and helping raise these Young Liars).

Enjoy the weekend…if you need a superhero, I hope one comes your way


2 responses to “Friday Deep Smarts: Polls and Pols and Poles

  1. if your team has shooting form like that, there won’t be a need to box out!

  2. I’ve always liked JP, such a keen eye for hoops…

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