ELLT 2012 – Golf

After lunch at Flatbreads in Amesbury, ELLT 2012 golf moved to Amesbury Country Club, no one’s home course, but a decent challenge for everyone.

1st Tom Gustafson

2nd Eric Marshall

3rd Gary Cavanaugh

HM Eric Lapham

I didn’t see as much as in previous years, in part because we sent one foursome out early to allow them to make a Little League game. Amesbury is also not conducive to jumping from hole to hole. Ma’lesh…it was a good day, with no rain and plenty of solid golf…(and I did manage to hit my father-in-law and my brother with one shot, a scorcher off the cart on the 2nd hole)


One response to “ELLT 2012 – Golf

  1. Far be it from me to defend a Michigan fan (especially when he wears a golf shirt with the Wolverines logo in our foursome), but I was under the impression that Gus beat Lapham by just one stroke. How did EL only get an HM?

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