ELLT 2012 – Rock Climbing

1st – Steve Otto

2nd — JP Ratajczak

3rd — Steve Schukraft and Chris Heffernan

In our third year at MetroRock, we overcame some initial resistance and confusion and ended up climbing for 2.5 hours, with everyone doing at least five ascents.

Ben and Danno challenged each other to some crazy climbs (reminding everyone Ben spent time right before the triathlon doing multi-pitch climbs in Switzerland), eliminating themselves from the overall competition (see Mountain Biking for an example of non-adjusted scoring, if you need one), but impressing everyone, including the MetroRock employees.

Steve Otto and JP both climbed a ridiculous 5.10a and Otto managed to get up a 5.11, propelling him to 1st. As I spent most of my time belaying, I was able to see who stepped up again and again to climb. As a result – and based on their tenacity on the wall and willingness to keep climbing and climbing — Steve Schukraft and Chris Heffernan tied for 3rd.

After five years of climbing, we’ve learned a few things: 1) everyone climbs really well now. Everyone. Its become increasingly difficult to separate racers in this event (and 5.10 and 5.11 are crazy good, especially for someone who climbs once a year); 2) I need to have someone around taking pictures, since its a bad idea to belay and work a camera at the same time;  and 3) inside is ok, but we need to return to the great outdoors in 2013.


One response to “ELLT 2012 – Rock Climbing

  1. This ought to make everyone feel very, very good about their accomplishments!: http://outdoorswithdave.com/climbing/climbing-ratings

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