ELLT 2012: Every Advantage Counts

arriving one day early in order to adjust to the altitude…wicked smart…kind of thing you do to win


2 responses to “ELLT 2012: Every Advantage Counts

  1. Columbus Dispatch running a headline in local news: “Local father flees infant, wife for ‘recovery weekend’ in New England.” “I just needed some sleep, you know?”, said JP Rataczak. “This new dad thing is hard, nobody ever gives the guy any credit in the whole equation. I mean, I have this nasty blister on my hand from diapers. Diapers! Can you believe that? So I’m taking a timeout. Some ME time for a change. Trust me, after a few days, I’ll come back at 100%.” Mrs. Rataczak could not be reached for comment.

  2. Up until yesterday, my beautiful daughter had not pooped in a week. Guess who got to clean that gem up? I’d compare her lower half to an ice cream cone that had been dipped in chocolate.

    You’re welcome for the visual.

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